Recently, many customers have contacted us and asked us about their problems encountered in the use of ceramic fiber blanket. I hope we can help. Today, Xiaobian will discuss with you about the knowledge of ceramic fiber blanket pipeline construction in these problems, hoping to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, Let everyone have a deep understanding of ceramic fiber blanket. In this way, we can know well when we use it in the future, take our time, and give full play to the greatest role of ceramic fiber blanket.
In many pipeline insulation processes, ceramic fiber blanket is often used to insulate the pipeline. However, how to construct the pipeline? Generally, the construction method is winding construction.
Take out and unfold the ceramic fiber blanket from the packing box (bag), cut the fiber blanket according to the peripheral circumference of the pipeline, wrap the blanket on the pipeline and bind the thin iron wire. Some wrap it with aluminum foil instead of the thin iron wire, which is for beauty. Construct it to the required thickness according to the same method, and carry out protective treatment according to the requirements. Generally, glass fiber cloth, FRP, galvanized iron sheet, linoleum Aluminum sheet, etc. The appearance is more beautiful after adding aluminum skin.
Generally, the wound ceramic fiber blanket shall be wrapped firmly without gaps and leaks. Attention shall be paid during construction: firstly, the ceramic fiber blanket shall be cut with a straight edge and a sharp knife, and shall not be torn by force; Secondly, during the construction of ceramic fiber blanket, attention should be paid to protection, and trampling and rolling are not allowed; Finally, necessary measures should be taken in the construction of ceramic fiber blanket to avoid soaking in rain as much as possible.


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