I believe you are familiar with aluminum silicate fiber cotton, but these contents are not enough for customers who want to further understand the relevant knowledge of this product. Today, Xiaobian will share the knowledge about aluminum silicate fiber cotton with you, hoping to attract your attention and let you have a deep understanding of aluminum silicate fiber cotton. In this way, we can know well when buying and using aluminum silicate fiber cotton, and take it easy. I hope it will inspire and help you.
Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is made through a certain process to improve the tensile strength and anti rheumatism performance of fiber cotton. About the production process, Xiaobian sorted out its production process according to relevant data. Interested friends can learn about it:
Aluminum silicate fiber cotton can be produced by arc blowing fiber forming and wet felt making process. After forming strand, qualified matching raw materials are added to the electric arc furnace for melting. Then, the stream strand is blown by compressed air or steam to become fiber, and then the cotton is collected to form waste fiber after slag removal by slag remover. Then the waste fiber is sent to the stirring tank for vortex slag removal, and the slurry is formed after applying adhesive in the storage tank. The slurry is molded by press or vacuum suction filtration, and finally dried to form aluminum silicate fiber cotton.
Among them, the fiber can be formed by resistance injection (or wire throwing) and dry needling blanket making process. The dry needling blanket making process is developed based on the non-woven needling process technology. When the loose fiber blank is sent to the needling machine for acupuncture, hook pins are placed on the needles to make the fiber layers tightly intertwined with each other.
Through the understanding of the production process of aluminum silicate fiber cotton, I believe everyone has a further understanding of this product. What needs to be paid attention to is some details in the production process, which has made the finished product have better results.


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