Through the recent return visit to customers, we found that although there are instructions, some people still don’t know much about ceramic fiber blanket, ignore some places that should be paid attention to, and can’t give full play to the full performance of ceramic fiber blanket. Today, I’ll discuss with you about the construction of ceramic fiber blanket, hoping to help you. Ceramic fiber blanket is widely used in sound insulation, heat preservation and fire prevention of light walls. It plays a vital role in today’s days. Is there anything to pay attention to during equipment construction?
1. When laying the ceramic fiber blanket, the veneer shall face the indoor side and be perpendicular to the purlin. An additional 20 cm roll of felt shall be reserved at the eaves of one side, and it shall be fixed on the outermost purlin with a special fixture or double-sided tape.
2. During unwinding, ensure alignment and tension, lay the ceramic fiber blanket to the other eaves, leave an additional 20cm roll blanket, and fix it on the outermost purlin with special fixture or double-sided tape.
3. The two rolls of cotton are connected together by stapling on the veneer flash.
4. The color steel plate of the equipment roof, remove the special fixture at the eaves, and use the reserved 20cm veneer to close the edge of glass wool.


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