Through the recent follow-up visit to customers, we found that although there are instructions, some people still don’t know much about ceramic fiber paper, ignore some places that should be paid attention to, and can’t give full play to the full performance of ceramic fiber paper. Today, I will discuss the performance test methods of ceramic fiber paper with you again, hoping to help you.
If the production of ceramic fiber paper is unqualified, its own performance characteristics will not meet the standard and can not achieve the expected effect of users. Therefore, once the product is produced, it will be subject to performance test. What is the test method? Xiaobian reveals the answer for you.
Experimental preparation for determining performance: qualified ceramic fiber paper, determination standard and determination method.
1. The wet process is used to make ceramic fiber paper. The main processes include beating, centrifugal slag removal, dredging and dispersion, sheet making, drying and measuring the related properties of the paper.
2. First, the standard fiber dissociator is used to dissolve the fibers directly, then the gravity settling is used to remove the slag. Finally, the adhesive is added, and the paper is copied by the sheet reader. The sprayer is used for surface sizing or a certain concentration of alumina solution is used for impregnation.
3. It is dried in a drying cylinder and used for various performance measurements after drying.
3. The physical properties are measured according to the national standards of paper products, including quantitative (GB / t451.2-1989), thickness (GB / t451.3-1989) and tensile strength (GB / t456-1989).
4. Loss on ignition for hot blood performance measurement, loss on ignition after high temperature (620 ~ 750 ℃), mainly including the weight loss of structural water admixture due to burning, loss on ignition is an important index of ceramic fiber. The lower the loss on ignition, the better the high temperature resistance of the product.


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