The influence of aluminum silicate fiberboard on the bending strength of shell after baking needs to be further understood. The self weight deformation of aluminum silicate Fiberboard at high temperature is studied. The fiber diameters of aluminum silicate fiberboard are different, indicating that some monofilament fibers are elongated in the process of bending and fracture; There are obvious shell residues, indicating that the fiber is firmly combined with the shell matrix, effectively improves its strength when bearing the load, and the fiber necks. This shows that the fracture of the fiber-reinforced composite shell is not only the fracture of the shell matrix, but also the forms of fiber pull-out, fracture, interface debonding and so on. After the composite shell bears the load, it will expand at the tip of the crack. When the crack passes through the matrix shell and meets the fiber, the crack may bifurcate and expand parallel to the fiber direction, that is, it will expand along the interface. Whether along the matrix or along the interface, it will form a new surface, which will increase the energy consumed during fracture, and then play the role of composite reinforcement. In the fracture morphology, it can be seen that some fibers that are not broken together with the shell sample completely penetrate the shell, and their distribution directionality is also relatively uniform, that is, the reinforcement is stressed in all directions of the whole shell. With the increase of the amount of fiber, the bending strength of the aluminum silicate fiber board to the shell after baking will also increase.


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