1. The valve shall be set at the position with convenient operation and good lighting. The valve set at a high place shall be equipped with maintenance channel and lifting equipment.
2. When closing the valve, do not apply excessive torque to the valve to cause damage to the valve. When stopping steam delivery, it is necessary to recognize whether the valve is closed, and adopt methods such as determining equipment or special signs that others cannot open at will.
3. Patrol inspection criteria shall be formulated for pipelines and valves. It is not allowed to make exceptions and make records for underground and high-altitude pipelines, even pipelines in trenches. Special attention shall be paid to simple corroded underground pipelines and drainage pipelines. Once a leak is found, no matter how small, it shall be immediately plugged and repaired with aluminum silicate fiberboard to avoid expansion.
4. Check and repair the furnace body and its hole door, regularly replace the sealing materials, ensure its air tightness, and reduce the escape of furnace gas or the suction of cold air. Minimize the number and area of industrial furnace doors and orifices, or select double-layer sealed orifice doors to reduce the opening times, time and fluctuation of orifice doors, so as to reduce heat radiation, air leakage and air leakage.
5. Try to reduce the number and scale of water-cooling components of industrial furnaces and kilns. If possible, appropriately increase the outlet temperature of cooling water and reduce the flow to reduce the heat loss caused by cooling water.


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