Ceramic fiber module is the main form of all fiber furnace lining, and the energy-saving effect is recognized by the market. However, it is undeniable that there are still some problems in some cases. For example, because the construction is not professional enough, the fiber heating shrinkage makes it easy to produce gaps between unit modules, resulting in fiber falling off, difficult construction of special-shaped surface, great difficulty, poor quality and so on.
Therefore, ceramic fiber spraying furnace lining has more advantages for special-shaped and complex parts. There are two forms of full fiber spraying: one is full spraying fiber furnace lining, and the other is spraying refractory fiber on the inner surface of Yuan dew dust.
The fully sprayed lining generally adopts the structural form of all ceramic fiber, which is generally a slightly lower grade ceramic fiber cotton for the backing layer, and a higher grade ceramic fiber cotton for the working layer; In some furnace environments with low temperature, the composite structure of spraying rock wool and ceramic fiber can also be adopted.



The advantages of ceramic fiber spraying furnace lining are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. The one-time overall spraying lining has no joints, which can improve the tightness of the lining, reduce heat dissipation and improve thermal efficiency.
2. The three-dimensional network structure formed by bulk ceramic fiber cotton during spraying can withstand strong air impact and vibration.
3. Effectively shorten the construction time, wet operation and improve the construction conditions, with obvious economic benefits.
4. The problem of difficult construction of special-shaped parts is solved, and it is easy to repair.

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