Many people who don’t understand are still unfamiliar with ceramic fiber blanket. They don’t know what the product is? Ceramic fiber blanket has low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, high-quality chemical reliability, high-quality thermal stability, earthquake resistance, high-quality compressive strength and high-quality sound absorption, which is reflected in thermal insulation and refractory materials. It is widely used in high temperature thermal insulation of aerospace, steel and petrochemical industry; Fire prevention and thermal insulation of military machinery and equipment; Thermal insulation of wall lining and backing of industrial furnace and heating device; Thermal insulation of high temperature machinery and equipment; High temperature pipeline thermal insulation; Thermal insulation and fire prevention of electrical components; High temperature gasket; Module and expansion block raw materials. Therefore, I always doubt whether its performance index is safe, and the problem of great concern is whether the fiber blanket is harmful to the body. Today, Xiaobian will explain in detail whether the product is harmful to everyone. Let’s have a look.


1. Ceramic fiber blanket itself is non-toxic and can not cause harm to the body, but it will be a little itchy if it is often contacted with the skin, which belongs to a normal physical phenomenon.
2. Due to its material characteristics, it is difficult to be dissolved, so it is impossible to prevent smoking during treatment, which will have any impact on the body.
3. Ceramic fiber blanket itself belongs to inorganic materials, and some glue must be added in the production process. Therefore, it is impossible to cause any damage as long as it is not burned.
Therefore, in conclusion, as long as the ceramic fiber blanket is handled properly, there can be no substances that harm the body. Therefore, everyone can use it at ease. However, Xiaobian should remind everyone that safety protection measures must be taken to prevent accidents caused by wrong operation.

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