How does ceramic fiber module realize thermal insulation? Many users find that with the extension of service time, there are more and more problems with ceramic fiber modules, and they are more and more difficult to solve. For example, the problems of ceramic fiber modules they encounter in the process of use have brought them great trouble and do not know how to solve them. Therefore, they come to us for help. Today, I will discuss with you some of the knowledge about this aspect, hoping to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, and let you have a deeper understanding of the ceramic fiber module.


Ceramic fiber module is used as the thermal insulation material of kiln lining. It also has a certain thermal insulation effect, so it is also widely used in certain special industries. Many people know that the heat insulation of this material is the reason of raw materials, but we don’t know much about the heat insulation principle. Let’s take a look at how it realizes heat insulation.
1. Because the porosity of the ceramic fiber module is very high, the gas is divided into small air hole chambers almost stationary by the fiber. At this time, because the pressure in the dispersed multi pore chamber is certain, the pressure will form a dense solid shield together with the solid fiber, which hinders the invasion of hot air flow.
2. For the conduction heat transfer of ceramic fiber module. Because the interweaving of fibers has no clear directionality, the solid heat conduction can only be carried out along the direction of the fiber rod. Therefore, the heat conduction of fibers is not completely perpendicular to the hot surface, and the propagation path is prolonged.

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