The characteristics of ceramic fiber cloth: high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity; excellent high temperature insulation performance, long service life; resistance to corrosion of aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals; good low temperature and High temperature strength; non-toxic, harmless, and has no adverse effects on the environment;

Application scope: heat insulation of all kinds of furnaces, high temperature pipelines and containers; furnace doors, valves, flange seals, fire doors and fire shutter materials, high temperature furnace door sensitive curtains; engine and instrument heat insulation, fireproof cable coating Materials, high-temperature fire-resistant materials; fabrics for heat insulation covering, high-temperature expansion joint fillers, flue linings; high-temperature labor protection products, fire-resistant clothing, high-temperature filtration, sound absorption and other asbestos replacement applications.


Note: Ceramic fiber textiles contain about 15% of organic fibers. When the temperature rises for the first time, the organic fibers in the product will gradually become carbonized and blackened, and there may be smoke, and there may be some local areas. The occurrence of flames is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use. As the temperature continues to rise, the product will gradually become white again, the organic fiber has been completely carbonized, and the product is entirely made of high-temperature resistant inorganic materials such as ceramic fiber.

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