During the selection of aluminum silicate fiber blanket, we must learn to judge its quality, which has a great impact on our future use. Therefore, we should not only consider the price of the product, but also consider the manufacturer’s production technology level and product use quality. How should we judge? Let’s get to know.


1. First of all, it depends on the color. Good aluminum silicate fiber blanket is white, and yellow is generally low-grade products.
2. Good products are formed by wire throwing process. Long fibers are closely intertwined with each other, with tear resistance and good tensile strength. The aluminum silicate fiber blanket of bad short fibers is easy to tear, has poor resilience, and is easy to shrink and fracture in high temperature environment.
3. Look at the content of slag balls inside. Good aluminum silicate fiber blanket generally contains less than 15% of slag balls. Tear the fiber blanket to see if it contains some brown or black residues.
Judging the quality of aluminum silicate fiber blanket actually seems very simple. There are many doorways inside. However, you can start with the judgment method of getting started and learn more about it step by step.

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