At present, boilers often used in industry include steam boilers and hot water boilers. Steam boilers are generally suitable for power stations, ships and locomotives. Hot water boilers are mainly used for hot water supply.


An auxiliary material commonly used in boilers is thermal insulation material. Ceramic fiber is a more commonly used one, such as ceramic fiber needle punched blanket and ceramic fiber loose cotton. The boiler temperature is not high and can not reach the temperature level of industrial furnace. Therefore, in terms of thermal insulation materials, ceramic fiber materials can be said to be more than enough. For example, the temperature resistance of ceramic fiber blanket produced by our company is 900-1400 ℃, The steam boiler is about 300-400 ℃, and then the high energy is about 600 ℃. Therefore, for some boiler enterprises, the utilization rate of ceramic fiber thermal insulation materials is very high.
Another kind of boiler is a heat-conducting oil furnace, and the temperature of the heat-conducting oil furnace is not high, about 350 ℃. Generally, the manufacturers of the heat-conducting oil furnace use ceramic fiber loose cotton for thermal insulation. Loose cotton is the raw material of ceramic fiber needle punched blanket, which forms a needle punched blanket after machine acupuncture, and the loose cotton is directly stuffed into the thermal insulation layer of the heat-conducting oil furnace, so the requirements for loose cotton are also very high, In addition to temperature resistance, elasticity also needs to be considered. The rebound should not be too high, otherwise the plug will be dissatisfied.
The main performance characteristics of ceramic fiber needle punched blanket are summarized as follows: small bulk density, (96 / 128kg / m3); Low heat capacity (heat storage capacity); Low thermal conductivity; Excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical vibration resistance; No oven drying is required; Good sound insulation performance; High thermal sensitivity; Simple construction and maintenance.

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