Silk throwing blanket and jet blanket are two products made of ceramic fiber blanket according to different processes. For example, they are more like brothers and sisters of ceramic fiber blanket. Why, in essence, they belong to ceramic fiber blankets with similar functions, but they have their own advantages.


1. In essence, the alumina content of silk throwing blanket is relatively small, and the alumina content of jet blanket can reach 52% – 55%;
2. From the tactile sense, the throwing silk blanket is rigid and slightly pricked, while the blowing blanket is relatively soft. This is because the fiber of the silk throwing blanket is longer, about 150-250mm, and the fiber of the silk spraying blanket is about 100-200mm;
3. In terms of shape, the spun fiber is thick and long, with a diameter of about 3.0-5.0 μ m; The injected fiber is thin and short, with a diameter of about 2.0-3.0 μ m;
4. In terms of strength, the spun fiber is long and tough;
5. In terms of heat conduction, the blown fiber is fine and has good thermal insulation performance;
6. In terms of temperature resistance, the throwing silk blanket is between 1050-1430, while the temperature resistance of the blowing blanket is 1400 degrees;
7. In terms of practicability, the silk throwing blanket has long silk and high toughness. It is not easy to break and tear in the process of making and folding. It is suitable for making modules; The injection blanket has high cost performance, so it should be used more carefully as a module.


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