1、 Construction method of stacked fixed
1. The refractory ceramic fiber blanket with stacked lining shall be cut neatly according to the planned scale.
2. Each bundle of refractory fiber shall be pre tightened with the same degree of tightening, and the tightening rate shall be 15% ~ 20%.
3. The support plates and fixing pins fixed in series shall be firmly welded, and the welding quality shall be checked one by one. The support plate on the wall shall be horizontal and the pin shall be straight. The center distance of pins should be 250 ~ 300mm.
4. When fixing with pins, the compressed ceramic fiber blanket shall be penetrated into the predetermined direction to the layer support plate. The movable pin shall be inserted straight into the refractory fiber blanket according to the orientation required by the planning without deflection and loss.
5. After fixing with pins, the ceramic fiber blanket shall be close to the inner layer. All joints of ceramic fiber blanket shall be squeezed tightly.


2、 Construction method of posted fixing
1. The ceramic fiber blanket constructed by the posting method can be placed in a top-down manner.
2. Before construction with the posting method, the posted surface shall be marked according to the size of each bundle, so as to ensure the straightness and tightness of the refractory fiber blanket.
3. Ceramic fiber blankets at burners, smoke vents, holes, etc. shall be cut into corresponding strips or blocks (in order to facilitate construction), and their placement direction shall be straight with their surroundings.
4. When the planning requires that the ceramic fiber blanket needs steel mesh, the steel mesh shall be firmly spot welded on the furnace shell. The steel mesh shall be flat, and the steel plate thickness of the steel mesh should be 1 ~ 1.5mm.
5. The construction of posting method should be carried out from top to bottom. When constructing from bottom to top, the adhesive shall not fall on the pasted ceramic fiber blanket.
6. When bonding ceramic fiber blanket by pasting method, the adhesive shall be applied evenly and plump. After the refractory fiber felt is coated with binder, it shall be pasted on the predetermined position immediately, and compressed with a wooden trowel to make it stick firmly. When pasting and pressing, do not push the pasted adjacent ceramic fiber blanket, so as to prevent the pasted ceramic fiber blanket from being damaged and unable to be used.

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