As a widely used refractory and thermal insulation material, ceramic fiber blanket has become a synonym for light energy-saving refractory. Due to its stable performance, high fire resistance, low thermal conductivity and low cost, it can be applied to the insulation of almost all rigid or curved high-temperature equipment, and the requirements for the application environment are not strict. However, under the following conditions, ceramic fiber blanket is not suitable for use:


1. High temperature environment with wind speed > 40m / s and hot air circulation
This is because the ceramic fiber blanket is interwoven by fiber wires, with low density and insufficient hardness and tensile force. Sustained strong wind speed is easy to cause surface fiber peeling, thus affecting the whole insulation layer;
2. High temperature furnace with high friction
Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of flexible refractory material with insufficient toughness. It is worn seriously in the friction environment for a long time, and the lining falling off will cause serious irreversible damage to the furnace body;
3. Strong acid high temperature furnace
Being in strong acidic environment for a long time will seriously erode the ceramic fiber blanket, accelerate the damage of furnace lining and affect the operation of equipment;
4. High temperature environment with high humidity and moisture
Ceramic fiber is not afraid of fire, but the biggest nemesis is water. Once soaked by water vapor, the ceramic fiber blanket will become the best heat conductor. Once the heat is transmitted to the furnace steel plate, the consequences are unimaginable.

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