Ceramic fiber module is an inorganic product. Its essence is ceramic fiber cotton, which is compressed after needling into a blanket. It belongs to class a non combustible material, that is, it will not catch fire, smoke or scorch under the action of flame or high temperature. Therefore, the ceramic fiber module will not burn, nor will it burn in a short time. However, if the ceramic fiber module is used over temperature in the flame environment for a long time, the fiber is easy to become brittle, resulting in the collapse of the internal fiber interleaving structure, which weakens the heat insulation performance of the furnace lining, and even the furnace lining falls off.


Therefore, ceramic fiber modules should be selected in strict accordance with the operating temperature of the kiln, adhering to the principle of only high but not low, and adding a certain margin on the basis of furnace temperature.
In addition, the following points should be paid attention to when using the ceramic fiber module:
1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: although “real gold is not afraid of fire”, ceramic fiber materials are very afraid of water. Once eroded by water, the thermal insulation performance will be greatly reduced;
2. Prevent mechanical impact: because the internal structure of ceramic fiber material is a flexible material made of interwoven fibers, the strength is insufficient, and the fiber surface is easy to be damaged due to collision;
3. Prevent wind peeling: high wind speed kilns are easy to take away the fibers on the surface. Even if the surface is sprayed with curing agent, it can not resist long-term airflow scouring;
4. The design size of furnace lining shall be precise: before the installation of furnace lining, a professional insulation team must formulate a scheme and issue module installation drawings. During construction, the setting out shall be carried out in strict accordance with the dimensions indicated in the drawings, and the anchor nails shall be welded. Try to avoid cracks. Any small gap may determine the service life of the furnace;
5. Maintenance is very important: after the ceramic fiber lining is put into use, the surface shall be sprayed with curing agent regularly, the damaged ceramic fiber module shall be replaced in time, and the furnace lining shall be repaired to prolong the service life of the furnace lining.

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