Ceramic fiber module has high temperature resistance, wide application range and obvious effect. Aluminum silicate insulation materials are widely used in steel plants, power plants, some industrial furnaces and even some machinery plants. Ceramic fiber module blankets and other materials are most commonly used. Although ceramic fiber module has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages.


First of all, ceramic fiber insulation materials are afraid of liquids, such as water and oil! In the refractory industry, ceramic fiber cotton is not as good as rock wool or even some advanced ones, such as aerogel felt nanoscale, and so on. If contact with water, the insulation performance will be greatly reduced, or even lose its heat preservation performance. Especially in some large water vapor furnaces, it is not suitable to use ceramic fiber insulation cotton. During the transportation and storage of ceramic fiber insulation materials, rain proof measures must be taken to reduce outdoor storage, so as to prevent shrinkage and service life!
Secondly, fear of overtemperature. At present, the maximum temperature resistance of ceramic fiber module is 1350 ℃ (long-term service temperature of ceramic fiber module containing zirconium). Overtemperature in a short time may have little impact, but after a long time of overtemperature, ceramic fiber insulation cotton will be burned into powder, which will seriously affect the insulation performance! Different temperatures correspond to different models of refractory cotton!

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