Many times, we often forget some things we should be familiar with in our daily life, such as the products we use every day. Now most of us are limited to simple understanding, but ignore many details we should have mastered, such as aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard, We may only know that it is a product with light bulk weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, resistance to mechanical vibration, elasticity, sound insulation, electrical insulation and chemical stability. We also know a little about its use. However, we will remember it only when it is actually applied, It seems that we really lack a real understanding of the product. It’s not only important to know a little about production, manufacturing and use, but also need to know what occasions it is applied to, what specific effects it has and what matters it is used. In fact, it’s also very important. Next, let’s have a simple understanding.


1. Glass industry: molten pool is lined with heat insulation and burner block;
2. Petrochemical Industry: high temperature heating furnace lining hot surface materials;
3. Light industry: lining of combustion chamber of industrial and household boilers;
4. Ceramic industry: light kiln car structure and kiln hot surface lining, kiln temperature zone separation and fire retaining materials;
5. Kiln building: hot surface refractory (instead of fiber blanket), lining of heavy refractory and expansion joint;
6. Iron and steel industry: aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board is used for expansion joints, lined with heat insulation, heat insulation sheet and mold heat insulation;
7. Non ferrous metal industry: backing insulation materials, tundish and runner cover, used for pouring copper and copper containing alloys;
8. Building materials industry: thermal insulation of cement rotary kiln and other equipment.
As a new type of refractory, aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard will have more advantages in use than other products after certain processing and manufacturing. Moreover, we have made certain transformation and improvement on it many times, so that it can be better used by everyone. In this way, If we can have an overall understanding of the use, purpose and various properties of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard at the beginning of manufacturing, we believe that we can also have a better idea in improving the performance of products, then the products can only develop in a better direction.

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