It is not difficult for us to find that there are more and more manufacturers engaged in aluminum silicate ceramic fiber felt insulation materials. The increase of manufacturers can not ensure the production of process level, so there are very huge differences. In particular, there are differences in many aspects such as production equipment and materials used. Naturally, there are also great differences after the finished products come out. This is based on the current situation. It is the king that we choose a good manufacturer.


For some old manufacturers, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber has been used as a material for a long time, and the processing technology has been continuously reformed and upgraded, such as multi machine connected streamline or continuous melting and continuous blowing assembly line, or curing and qualitative, cutting and coiling. Different manufacturers have different production methods and different materials, which requires more experienced old factories. The price difference of products provided by different manufacturers is also reflected here. The factors affecting the price are: product quality, fire resistance, etc. The price of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber felt is related to many factors. After all, it can bring very good advantages and will be used more and more widely in future life.
In many cases, the insulation effect comes from the advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturing process, which is why it is very important for consumers to choose well-known manufacturers.

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