As a new type of refractory and thermal insulation material, ceramic fiber module has become popular as soon as it is launched, and now it has become one of the most popular materials. Many people can’t help asking, “the ceramic bowl we use for dinner is very hot when we put hot rice on it for a while. Why can the ceramic fiber module be fire-resistant and insulated?” In fact, the fiber we use has little to do with daily ceramics. It refers to the general name of fibrous thermal insulation materials with SiO2 and Al2O3 as the main components and fire resistance higher than 1430 ℃.


We can explain its fire-resistant and thermal insulation principle from the following three directions.
1、 The heat transfer capacity of ceramic fiber module is poor
The ceramic fiber module has no clear directionality when interleaving, and the heat is generally transferred along the fiber when transferring. Such directionality makes the heat unable to be transferred quickly. In addition, when the fiber contacts the hot surface, it is rarely in vertical contact, which makes it difficult to transfer heat to the fiber.
2、 There is too much gas in the ceramic fiber module and the convective heat transfer is poor
When the fibers are interwoven together, many air chambers will be formed, which are filled with static air. We all know that the heat transfer capacity of air is very poor, let alone static air. On the one hand, these static gases have poor heat transfer effect, on the other hand, they can also hinder the invasion of hot air flow.
3、 Large thermal resistance of ceramic fiber module
The contact point of the fiber can reach 80%, which further expands the thermal resistance of heat transfer. The fiber itself is opaque, so the thermal radiation cannot be transmitted in the fiber, and the fiber has a small area and receives less radiation, so the thermal radiation will not be transmitted on the fiber.
From the above three points, it is not difficult to see that the ceramic fiber module has a good fire-resistant and thermal insulation effect. If you need to further understand the performance characteristics of the ceramic fiber module, browse the product center on the official website.

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