Thermal shield ceramic fiber module is a series of module products made of ceramic fiber blanket, which is widely used in furnace lining of various thermal processing equipment. Ceramic fiber modules of corresponding grades can be selected according to different application conditions or different heat treatment equipment.


Various ceramic fiber modules are made of ceramic fiber needled blankets of corresponding materials with performance. According to the structure and size of fiber blocks, they are made by professional technicians and special equipment for module processing. In order to squeeze each other between modules after wall lining masonry to form a seamless and close thermal insulation whole, the compression is maintained during the manufacturing process, The supporting anchoring system of the product can be firmly connected with the kiln shell, with accurate size and simple installation.
The construction speed of furnace lining is accelerated, the weight of kiln is reduced, and the fire resistance and heat insulation performance of kiln is greatly improved. Users can adopt different fiber modules according to the kiln structure. The company can provide multi variety and multi system ceramic fiber modules, and can also be processed and manufactured according to users’ requirements.
Compared with other refractories, ceramic fiber modules have the following characteristics:
1. Reduce firing cycle
2. Improve production efficiency
3. Low heat storage
4. Reduce fuel costs
5. Low installation cost
6. Easy to repair
The thermal shield ceramic fiber module is neat in size and white in color. It is made of high-quality 20mm thick fiber blanket after finishing processing, which fully meets the national standard. The plastic pipe is strictly controlled in the middle of the module and there is no big belly, so as to solve the problem of difficult installation of the module. The thickness of the fiber blanket is uniform, and all of them are high-quality fiber blankets, Unlike some enterprises that mix waste blankets and waste blankets in the middle of the module, the content of slag balls of heat shield fiber blanket is low and the degree of sticking is low.

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