Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber products are common fireproof, thermal insulation materials in the market. They are widely used and have rich use scenes. At the same time, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber products have a wide variety and multiple product forms. Today, we briefly introduce the precautions for the transportation of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket, hoping that we can reduce losses and non comparative losses during transportation, To ensure the interests of both customers and manufacturers, see the following:


Customers who have used aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket know that aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of commodity in roll shape and has the characteristics of high tensile strength and not easy to be damaged. Therefore, we can choose the stacking method to place when transporting and loading, that is, stack the commodities in a certain order and direction. Of course, you don’t have to worry too much about the overload of the car body, because we know from the above that the weight of aluminum silicate fiber blanket is very light, just ensure that the stacking height of goods is lower than the car body. It can be seen that the product performance of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket is still very superior. Friends in need can inquire about orders on our official website.

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