Many customers praised our products and listed the excellent performance of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard in their practical application, which brought great convenience to their production. Now Xiaobian will summarize these performances, hoping that customers who pay attention to us for the first time can have an in-depth understanding of our products.


Aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard uses jet fiber (short, fine, easy to break and mix) as the raw material of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard, adds a certain proportion of binder and filler grade additives, and is fully dispersed into slurry in the slurry mixing tank through the beater. Pump into the forming tank and stir with compressed air. Put the mold into the forming tank and use the principle of vacuum to make the fiber slurry adsorb on the mold. Accurately control the adsorption time, vacuum dehydrate and demould the wet fiber material, put it on a tray and send it to the drying furnace for drying for 10-24 hours. The size of the dried fiberboard is accurately controlled by a special grinding machine and edge cutting machine.

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