Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper is widely used and involves a wide range of fields, which brings a lot of help and convenience to our daily life and production. I wonder if you have ever encountered non thermal conductivity when using this product, so what is the reason for this situation? Let’s simply understand.

1. Air convection heat transfer: because the ceramic fibers overlap, many air chambers are formed inside the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper. These air chambers store a lot of air, so that the air cannot flow freely and is generally relatively static. The heat absorbed by the air is only conducted inside the air. When the air is still, it has very small heat conductivity. Ceramic fiber paper can not conduct heat with air.
2. Fiber radiation heat transfer: the fiber in ceramic fiber paper is opaque, the hot wire can not pass through the fiber, the fiber is very fine, can not be well heated and radiated, and the heat transfer effect is not obvious.
3. Fiber conduction and heat transfer: because the mixing of ceramic fibers in aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper has no directionality, there are fibers in all directions. Along the fiber heat transfer, the fibers are rarely perpendicular to the hot surface. In addition, the fibers also increase the thermal resistance. Therefore, the thermal conductivity effect of ceramic fiber paper is not obvious.

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