Through the recent investigation and return visit to customers, we found that many customers do not understand the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber module very well. We hope the manufacturer can explain it further. Today, Xiaobian will share the relevant information with you, hoping to enlighten and help you.


The aluminum silicate ceramic fiber module comprises a folding block, a slicing block, a Palo block and a vacuum forming block. Due to the different manufacturing methods and crystal structure of polycrystalline mullite fiber, its fiber length is short and its softness is poor. It can not be made into large modules, resulting in the large-scale application of polycrystalline fibers. At present, polycrystalline fiber is mostly used on the inner surface of castable or refractory brick furnace wall and furnace top. The use of polycrystalline fiber paste can effectively reduce the temperature of furnace outer wall and reduce the heat storage loss of furnace wall.
At present, most of the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber modules used in China are folding blocks. The structure uses needle punched blankets for folding, and mechanical equipment is used to preload the modules during forming. The surface is uneven due to the manufacturing method of folding block, which affects the spraying effect of anti erosion coating. The slicing block is improved on this basis. Its manufacturing method is the same as that of the folding block, except that the folding part of the fiber blanket is cut off after molding to make the surface of the module flat. At present, some domestic manufacturers can produce this module. The density of furnace top fiber module should be 230 kg / m3, and the density of side wall fiber module should be 220 kg / m3.

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