The removable insulation sleeve has a wide range of applications and can be applied to machines and equipment with various shapes. The insulation materials tailored according to the insulated equipment will not be unsuitable due to special shape, simple installation and convenient disassembly. It has obvious advantages compared with the traditional insulation sleeve.


Difference between detachable insulation sleeve and traditional insulation sleeve:
Utilization rate: the removable insulation sleeve can be used repeatedly, while the traditional insulation can only be used once;
Tailor made: the removable insulation sleeve is suitable for pipes and equipment of different shapes, especially for special-shaped parts. Even when the traditional insulation cannot be achieved, the valve insulation sleeve can also be achieved, because the traditional insulation is processed from hard materials and is not easy to be completely deformed.
Wide range of use: it can also be used in a small space, but the traditional thermal insulation can not be used in a small space.
Strong environmental adaptability: the removable insulation sleeve has more advantages over the traditional insulation for some corrosive environments. The appearance of the traditional insulation is aluminum sheet or iron sheet, which is not corrosion resistant.
Wide temperature range: removable insulation sleeve is suitable for different temperature ranges.