Traditional pipeline insulation materials mainly include: rock wool, high temperature resistant glass wool, aluminum silicate, microporous calcium silicate, composite silicate, pipeline support, heat shrinkable belt, polyurethane composite, etc. However, the above methods cannot be disassembled after thermal insulation. If some places need subsequent maintenance, they will encounter great trouble, and there are some elbows and special-shaped pipes. Traditional insulation methods can not meet the demand. In this way, a new type of removable insulation sleeve came into being.

The removable insulation sleeve has the following characteristics:
Tailored, beautiful appearance, high strength, good toughness, convenient installation and disassembly, convenient equipment maintenance, good reusability and long service life.
The practical application temperature range is wide, which can be well applied in low-temperature and high-temperature environment. The overall sealing is good, the thermal insulation effect is superior, the heat dissipation is small, and the heat loss is small.
Good chemical stability and resistance to various chemical corrosion; Moth proof, mildew resistant, waterproof, oil resistant, anti-aging, and has excellent weather resistance. It can be used for a long time in a variety of complex environments.
In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the main theme of social development. Many industries pursue energy conservation and environmental protection in production, including the field of thermal insulation. The energy-saving removable insulation sleeve has a high reuse rate. It is a good choice for the insulation of industrial pipeline valves and a thermal insulation product worthy of promotion.