What is ceramic fiber cloth? Ceramic fiber cloth is a kind of cloth refractory woven with refractory fibers.
1、 Ceramic fiber cloth
Ceramic fiber cloth is woven from heat-resistant alloy wire or alkali free glass yarn reinforced swing wire ceramic fiber yarn. Ceramic fiber cloth has high strength, good flexibility and strong machinability. It not only has high-temperature heat insulation performance, but also has the flexibility of ordinary textiles. It can process fireproof clothing, fire blanket, thermal insulation sleeve and other industrial and civil fire-resistant and thermal insulation products.


2、 Technical index of ceramic fiber cloth
1. Appearance: ceramic fiber cloth (rdgw-208a1 / rdgw-208a2) is woven from ceramic fiber yarn interwoven with warp and weft lines, with obvious grid shape and large grid.
2. Density: ceramic fiber cloth density 500kg / m3
3. Thickness: the thickness of ceramic fiber cloth is limited. Generally, the thinnest is 2mm and the thickest is 5mm
4. Temperature resistance: the temperature resistance of ceramic fiber cloth can reach 1260 ° C and the long-term working temperature can reach 1000 ° C.
5. Support: ceramic fiber cloth is like the cloth used in our life. It is very soft, can not stand upright and has no support.
6. Tear resistance: ceramic fiber cloth is reinforced by glass fiber or steel wire, interwoven with warp and weft, and cannot be torn.
3、 Characteristics of ceramic fiber cloth
. high temperature resistance
Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent heat insulation performance
Excellent electrical insulation and non-conductive at high temperature
Good machinability, rough cutting, cutting, sawing and punching
The fiber is flexible, elastic and has good sealing performance
The flat slag ball content is low and will not wear both sides of the high-temperature insulation gasket
. stable chemical performance, anti-corrosion and long service life
It has the corrosion resistance of non-ferrous metals such as melting contact aluminum and zinc
Good low temperature and high temperature strength;
High temperature resistant ceramic fiber cloth does not contain asbestos, environmental protection, less smoke, small odor, non-toxic, harmless and no adverse impact on the environment.
4、 Application of ceramic fiber cloth
Thermal insulation, heat radiation shielding, labor protection clothing, high temperature resistant fire curtain, cable or fuel pipeline protection, high temperature resistant metal compensator refractory layer, other industrial thermal insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance and protective ropes.