Process Overview

(1) Selected ore
Ore material selection: different ores are selected according to different materials
Main ores: calcined coal gangue, coke gem, aluminum oxide powder, zirconia powder, etc

(2) . high temperature melting
The high-temperature melting of the ore is carried out by heating the molybdenum electrode to more than 1800 degrees to melt the ore into high-temperature magma, so as to prepare for the subsequent processing and production of ceramic fiber products.

(3) Spinning or blowing into fibers
The process of silk throwing and fiber forming is that after the high-temperature magma flows out through the flow port, it reaches three rapidly rotating centrifugal shafts to throw the magma into long fiber filaments. The cotton produced from this is aluminum silicate ceramic fiber silk throwing cotton.

The process of fiber formation is the short fiber formed by high-temperature magma by high-speed spray gun. The fiber cotton produced from this is aluminum silicate ceramic fiber spray cotton

(4) Cotton collection and output
After high-temperature fiber forming, loose cotton is collected in the cotton collector. After bagging, it is the finished aluminum silicate ceramic fiber loose cotton.

(5) Double sided acupuncture
The fiber cotton is collected by the cotton collector to reach a certain quantity, and goes out along the conveyor belt. According to the different flow, it passes through the double-sided needling machine to form a blanket.

(6) Soaking setting
After forming, the needle punched blanket is heated by the gas heating setting machine to conduct soaking setting to ensure the stability of the fiber material.

(7) Vertical and horizontal cutting
Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber needle punched blanket is cut vertically and horizontally after high-temperature soaking setting.

(8) Roll packaging
After cutting according to the requirements, the fiber needle punched blanket is rolled, packaged and inspected by the automatic winding machine to form the finished product of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber needle punched blanket.