Today, the editor will share with you the knowledge about the role of ceramic fiber modules on the heating furnace, hoping to attract everyone’s attention, so that everyone has a deep understanding of ceramic fiber modules. In this way, everyone can know what to do when buying and using ceramic fiber modules, and don’t panic. I hope to inspire and help you.


1. The surface temperature of the furnace body drops. Under normal heating and production, the heat preservation and insulation conditions of the heating furnace are tested. The test parts are heating, soaking and furnace roof sections. The test results show that there is no ceramic fiber module. The furnace wall shows an average temperature of 271.0 degrees, and the furnace wall shows an average temperature of 119.3 degrees after application, which reduces the surface heat dissipation of all parts of the furnace body.
2. The fuel consumption is reduced and the output is increased. The installation of the product lining is carried out when the heating furnace is overhauled. The comparison over the same period showed that the cumulative gas consumption after the application of the product lining decreased by 4.7%, while the amount of billets into the furnace increased by 6.09%, and the output of finished products increased by 6.72%.
3. The oxidation burning loss is reduced. The ceramic fiber module is used as the furnace lining to improve the quality of steel burning. The heat sensitivity of the furnace is increased, and the heating speed is fast, so that the oxidation burning loss rate of the billet can be controlled at 1.55%~1.65%, which is higher than that of unused products. The burning loss rate of the furnace lining is reduced by 0.157%.
4. The life of the furnace is prolonged. The temperature of the lining and side walls of this product is reduced by 41 degrees on average, and the temperature on the roof of the furnace is reduced by 113.9 degrees on average.