The ceramic fiber module has excellent chemical stability and is mainly used to improve the thermal insulation function of the fiber lining, and the overall function is good. Currently, there are many preparation methods for ceramic fiber modules. The following sections describe the commonly used methods in detail:
1. The ceramic fiber components should be folded into a regular size by using 20 or 25 mm ceramic fiber needle-punched blankets, and the high-temperature heating surface can only be the folded surface.


2. When making ceramic fiber components, the hemming should be incompletely pre-pressed. After shrinking, the volume density of ceramic fiber components should be 190-230 kg/m3 (without metal anchoring).
3. The ceramic fiber module should be supplied as a complete set, with pre-embedded anchors and equipment accessories.
4. Before installation, the module should be temporarily fixed to a regular size to keep the ceramic fiber module and its size and shape tight.