I believe everyone knows about the ceramic fiber module and knows that it has a certain thermal insulation effect, and the thermal insulation effect of fiber cotton is affected by its thermal conductivity. So what are the factors that affect the performance of the ceramic fiber module? Let’s take a look at it together!

1. The quality, content, impurities and stability of the ceramic fiber module raw materials.
2. The ratio, grade and thickness of refractory aggregate and powder.
3. Binder (model or label and added amount).
4. Mixing and adding amount and water-cement ratio of ceramic fiber module raw materials.
5. The influence of pH value.
6. The construction and maintenance of ceramic fiber modules, and the baking temperature of the fiber modules and seasonal changes (construction temperature).
7. The shelf life of the fiber module.
8. Production process and operation.
9. Various physical and chemical properties, physical and chemical indicators and technical parameters of ceramic fiber modules (volume density, apparent porosity, flexural and compressive strength, load softening temperature, linear change rate, etc.).
10. The use environment and changes of the ceramic fiber module (factors that affect the use of the fiber module).
11. The performance of the same product of different fiber module manufacturers is also different.