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Product description: Zirconia fiber is the only high-grade lightweight refractory fiber material that can meet long-term use in an ultra-high temperature oxidizing atmosphere above 1500°C.

In terms of composition structure, zirconia fiber is a polycrystalline refractory fiber material composed of pure tetragonal/cubic phase ZrO2 nano-ceramic grains. Purity (ZRO2+stabilizer)>99.7%, the crystal should be a fully stable cubic phase, continuous filament with a diameter of 3-8μm, and the appearance is white cotton-like. Due to the high melting point (2700℃) of the ZrO2 substance, it is not oxidized and other The excellent characteristics of high temperature make ZrO2 fiber have a higher operating temperature than other refractory fiber varieties (such as alumina fiber, mullite fiber, aluminum silicate fiber, etc.), and it has stable high temperature chemical properties, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and heat resistance. It is shockproof, non-volatile, and non-polluting. It is currently the world’s top refractory fiber material.

Zirconia fiber products are various profile products supported by zirconia fibers through deep processing and calcination.


The use temperature is the highest. The melting point is as high as 2700°C, the maximum use temperature is as high as 2200°C, and the fiber shape can be kept intact even up to 2500°C.
Low thermal conductivity at room temperature, 06Wm.k
High purity, low density,
Corrosion resistance is the best. The acid and alkali corrosion resistance of ZrO2 is obviously better than that of SiO2 and Al2O3.
It is not volatile and pollution-free under high temperature. ZrO2 has the lowest high-temperature vapor pressure among all metal oxides, and is chemically inert. It is not easy to volatilize at high temperature and has no pollution.

typical application:

① As an ultra-high temperature thermal insulation protection material and ceramic-based composite reinforcement material, it is used in key technical fields such as aerospace, national defense and military industry, and atomic energy.

② Used to make ultra-high temperature industrial furnaces, ultra-high temperature experimental electric furnaces and other ultra-high temperature heating devices above 1500°C up to 2200°C, used for ceramic sintering, metal smelting, high temperature decomposition, semiconductor manufacturing, quartz melting, crystal growth , Experimental research and many other industrial and scientific research fields.

③ As a high-temperature filter material and high-temperature reaction catalyst carrier, etc., it is used for filtering and removing impurities of liquid or gas at high temperature, as well as the synthesis or cracking catalysis of high-temperature chemical reactions.

Product technical performance

Product numberRDGW-911
chemical composition

Mass percentage

Si.Fe.NaOther impurities≤0.3
Crystal phaseCubic phase
Bulk density,kg/m³200±70
Fiber melting point,℃2700
Fiber melting point(um)60.±2.0
Recommended use temperature,℃2200
ExteriorShort chopped fiber, white