Product Description

Anchor is a structural part that connects and fixes lightweight refractory materials such as ceramic fiber, lightweight heat-insulating bricks, and unshaped refractory materials with the metal siding of the kiln.
According to the industrial furnace structure, furnace temperature, and ambient atmosphere, anchors of different structures and materials should be selected.
Anchorage used for refractory materials in the range of 1050℃-1400℃ classified temperature.


It can adapt to a wide temperature range: 800℃-1400℃.
The anchoring structure is reasonable, and the anchoring is firm and reliable.
The anchors are in various forms.
Installation is simple and fast.

typical application

Fixing of ceramic fiber module and folding block

Fixing of various refractory bricks and castables

Fixation of fiber spraying

Fixing of various high-temperature plates, high-temperature devices, etc.

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High temperature anchor1260U-shaped nail, quick card, rotating card, penetrating rib, screw, nut, human frame, V-shaped nail, angle iron anchor, butterfly anchor, diamond anchor, hole hanging anchor, corner anchor Pieces304870DistributionCarton0Cr18Ni9