With the rapid development of the thermal insulation industry, the development speed is accelerating, and many problems have also seriously affected the overall image of the industry and the quality of thermal insulation projects. The incentives are the use of low-cost, but low-quality insulation materials. Although the government has issued many policies to actively guide the development of the industry, it can also be seen in some aspects that quality problems have occurred in the insulation material engineering. On the one hand, it has exposed the shortcomings that the main parties of the building attach importance to the material system and construction. . On the other hand, the frequent policy changes in the thermal insulation material industry over the past five years are also incentives: companies are “fudged” by the market and confused by short-term policies.
In addition, it is also important to determine the price bottom line as soon as possible. We know that it is not objective to attribute engineering quality problems solely to materials companies. The important reason for engineering quality problems in the construction industry is winning bids at low prices, and the insulation material industry is no exception. Among them, the general contractor bids at a price lower than the cost, and after winning the bid, the contradiction is transferred to the subcontractor, and then the material company will eventually bear it. Developers and construction units should be made aware of the industry’s bottom line of prices when purchasing, but at this stage, the bottom line of prices for thermal insulation products has not yet been established. If there is no bottom line of quality and price, even if there are strict standards and regulations, accidents cannot be prevented.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry out effective and long-term supervision under the management and promotion of the industry government, formulate the industry’s lowest guide price, issue industry management measures, and establish an industry quality credit and credit system. There is a long way to go to promote the healthy development of the industry. In addition, we remind all end users that although the price is not equal to the quality, the price of quality-guaranteed insulation materials must not be cheap. Please choose quality-guaranteed ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber blanket and other products. Jinan Redun insists on “Quality First, Never Compromise”, adheres to industry ethics, and provides you with long-term quality assurance.