Thermal insulation of flare system: in the production of petroleum and chemical enterprises, some chemical plants and oil refining plants process a large amount of hydrocarbons, which inevitably discharge a considerable amount of flammable and explosive materials or tail gas and waste gas in the normal production process. In order to prevent fire and explosion accidents and ensure equipment and personal safety, flare system must be set.

According to the supporting structure, it can be divided into: overhead flare and ground flare.
Thermal insulation of ground flare combustion system: also known as ground combustion tower, it is an environment-friendly (effectively closed waste gas) flare combustion system.
The ground vent flare system is mainly composed of control valve, ground flare (composed of burner group, anti radiation heat shield and protective wall), and ground flare automatic ignition system.

地面火炬系统 地面火炬系统
The maximum exhaust gas temperature in the combustion tower is 950 ℃. The outer wall temperature of Flare Tower is required to be less than 100 ℃.
Light ceramic fiber refractory is laid inside the cylinder and fixed with stainless steel wire mesh and bolts; The external surface of the cylinder shall be painted with high temperature resistant paint with temperature resistance greater than 200.
The top of the cylinder is equipped with a stainless steel deflector, which can withstand the scouring of rainwater and flue gas and prevent the thermal insulation materials in the cylinder from getting wet in rainy days.
The ceramic fiber lining of petrochemical flare and ground flare adopts the composite structure of Layer Paving and stacking.
Total insulation thickness: 180mm, 150mm standard fiber module + 30mm (2 layers of 20mm) flat blanket.
The aluminum silicate furnace lining is made of 1260 ceramic fiber module and 1260 standard blanket.
The surface of light fiber furnace lining of ground flare is sprayed with curing agent to resist smoke invasion and wind invasion.

地面火炬系统 地面火炬系统 地面火炬系统 地面火炬系统 地面火炬系统
There are two installation methods of ground flare system: (1) vertical flare aluminum silicate fiber lining: overlapping scaffold to install ceramic fiber module, with high construction cost; (2) Lay flat torch aluminum silicate fiber lining: after installing ceramic fiber module and ceramic fiber folding block, hang the torch barrel for installation.

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