Recently, the 105m large industrial furnace of Changchai Co., Ltd., designed, supplied and constructed by Shandong redun high temperature materials Co., Ltd., was successfully completed.

陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块 陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块 陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块

The industrial furnace is divided into two sections. Section 1: 50 meters long, 3.64 meters wide and 2.9 meters high. There are 10 sections in the heating zone, with 5 meters in each section; Section 2: 55m long, 3.64M wide, 2.9m high, 3 sections in heating zone and 8 sections in low temperature zone, with each section of 5m. After the construction is completed, the two sections are installed together.

工业炉施工,陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块 工业炉施工,陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块 工业炉施工,陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块

The construction scheme and insulation layer scheme in the furnace are independently designed and implemented by Shandong redun high temperature materials Co., Ltd. from material approval and supply to scheme construction, we follow to provide customers with first-class products, effectively ensure quality and solve the problem of heat insulation and insulation for customers. Widely praised by the industry, it adds a solid footprint to our company’s journey, which encourages us not to forget our original intention and focus on the innovative application and promotion of energy-saving and thermal insulation and light fiber refractory in the field of high temperature.

工业炉施工,陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块 工业炉施工,陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块 工业炉施工,陶瓷纤维模块,耐火保温,硅酸铝纤维模块

At present, the project has been handed over to the third-party contractor, which has been highly praised in the industry.
Over the years, the company has been committed to research and innovation. New projects such as special-shaped one-time molding products, removable thermal insulation system and nano composite thermal insulation materials have achieved good results, solved the thermal insulation problems under special working conditions for many customers, and realized major innovation of energy conservation and efficiency.
Shandong redun always adheres to the principle of “quality, customer first, honesty, trustworthiness and innovation”. Based on the high-temperature field, Shandong redun provides customers with first-class products and professional integrated customized service of fire-resistant and thermal insulation system. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!