Ground flares are used by petrochemical companies to deal with toxic or non-toxic flammable gases with moderate or mild toxicity. As a lightweight and efficient thermal insulation material, the ceramic fiber module has great advantages compared with traditional refractory bricks as the main lining in the ground flare project.

1. Overview of petrochemical ground torches

1. The torch system is also called the ground combustion tower. It is used to deal with special combustion facilities of petrochemical plants, oil refineries, chemical plants and other combustible and combustible toxic gases and steam. It is an important measure to ensure the safe production of factories and reduce environmental pollution. . The ground combustion tower can completely control the gas venting combustion flame in the radiation protection heat shield, and the flame cannot be seen from the outside. It can minimize the impact of heat radiation and noise on staff and surrounding equipment.

2. According to the support structure, it can be divided into: overhead torches and ground torches.

3. Ground flare combustion system: The ground flare system is mainly composed of control valve, ground flare (composed of burner group, radiation protection heat shield and protective wall), and ground flare automatic ignition system.

4. The maximum exhaust gas temperature in the combustion tower is 950℃. The temperature of the outer wall of the flare tower is required to be less than 100 °C.

2. Selection of ceramic fiber products for ground torches

The ground combustion towers such as oil plants and refineries are generally vertical cylinders, with diameters ranging from a few meters to ten meters, heights ranging from ten meters to dozens of meters, and the working temperature is about 950 ° C. The standard refractory material is 1260 type Ceramic fiber products, long-term working temperature can reach 1000 ℃. In the form of ceramic fiber products, masonry ceramic fiber modules and layerable ceramic fiber blankets are selected as the backing layer to achieve higher lining integrity.

3. Performance advantages of ceramic fibers in ground torches

1. Ease of procurement

Refractory bricks are mostly used in kilns, and kiln enterprises have a large amount of refractory bricks and uniform specifications. The amount of ground torches is relatively small, and when there are special manufacturing requirements or a small amount of refractory bricks need to be added, it is difficult to find suppliers. The refractory ceramic fiber module is easy to process, and the size and shape are easy to manufacture.

2. It can reduce seams, reduce heat dissipation loss and improve thermal efficiency

The construction is convenient and fast. The use of ceramic fiber modules to build the furnace lining reduces the difficulty of construction, improves the installation efficiency and accelerates the construction progress while reducing the heat leakage joints.

3. Excellent thermal insulation and energy saving effect

Structural improvements such as optimized installation and reduction of heat dissipation points can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

4. Technical performance advantages

The inner lining adopts a composite structure of layered ceramic fiber blanket and ceramic fiber module. The total insulation thickness of the lining is 200mm. From the cold side to the hot side, the order is: ceramic fiber blanket, gas barrier aluminum foil, ceramic fiber blanket, and ceramic fiber module.


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