The annealing furnace mainly uses special equipment for quenching, normalizing, annealing and other conventional heat treatment of steel workpieces. The internal temperature of the equipment is very high. If the equipment is not properly insulated, it is easy to burn the staff and cause heat of massive losses.

The detachable insulation cover is tailored for the overall size and working temperature of the high-temperature annealing furnace. The product has good thermal insulation performance, is easy to disassemble, facilitates equipment maintenance, and can be reused many times. It wraps the annealing furnace like a cotton coat, reducing the operation process of the equipment. Reduce the heat loss in the workshop, reduce the workshop temperature, and improve the workshop environment.

Advantages of removable insulation cover:

(1) Reusable, easy to disassemble, easy to install.

(2) The thermal insulation effect is better, and the thermal conductivity of the material is lower than that of traditional rock wool and other materials.

(3) Fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials are used to ensure product safety.

(4) The thermal insulation jacket material has high strength, is soft and tough, and is easy to bend.

(5) Tailored according to the size of special-shaped equipment such as annealing furnace, with beautiful appearance and closer fit with the equipment.

(6) The detachable thermal insulation jacket has strong temperature resistance and is suitable for thermal insulation of equipment with different temperatures and shapes.


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