Ceramic fiberboard is a board made of aluminum silicate fiberboard and refractory material. Maintaining good mechanical strength even after heating, the product is rigid and has the support strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts. In recent years, the use of ceramic fiberboard has become more and more extensive.

In recent years, ceramic fiberboard has been favored by many decoration owners because of its product performance. For decoration, the installation method of ceramic fiberboard is simple. Ceramic fiberboard is mainly used for fire protection and thermal insulation, so bare metal is not recommended. It is recommended to glue the ceramic fiberboard to the blank wall on the decoration side and fix it with nails. Then mount the outside of the ceramic fiberboard to the wall.

2. Industrial furnace

1. Clean the surface of the construction site (including the surface of the ceramic fiber board).

2. Binder: The binder powder and water glass are mixed evenly in the ratio of 1:1.2 (not water).

3. Use a plastering tool to spread the adhesive evenly on the surface of the heat shield, and firmly bond the product to the upper and lower adjacent surfaces to ensure a firm bond.

3. Processing industry and heat treatment industry

1. Clean up debris and hollow parts such as residual ash and oil on the concrete wall.

2. Remove the concrete blocks, inclusions, hollow drums, etc. on the roof and repair them again.

3. It is required that the deviation of the surface flatness of the ceramic fiber board does not exceed 4mm. When the deviation exceeds the deviation, the protruding concrete surface should be polished. The concave part should be repaired (if the thickness is greater than 4mm) 6mm, and plastered with 1:2.5 cement mortar. The required thickness (when the thickness is less than 6mm) , use polymer bonding mortar to make up); ensure that the flatness of the entire wall is within 4mm, and the yin and yang angles are square and flat.

4. Construction mortar is divided into adhesive for bonding mortar and adhesive for high temperature surface layer.


5. The weight ratio of the mixed mortar is water:mortar=1:5, add water and stir at the same time; the stirring time is not less than 5 minutes, the stirring must be fully uniform, the consistency is moderate, and the viscosity is fixed.

6. After the mortar is ready, let it stand for 5 minutes. Stir again before use. The prepared mortar should be used up within 1 hour.

7. In order to enhance the adhesion between the extruded board and the bonding mortar, before pasting the ceramic fiber board.