High temperature adhesive is a new type of inorganic cementitious material, which is made by the same material powder, inorganic binder and additives through reaction. High-temperature adhesives can be equipped with various auxiliary products to integrate products for the installation and construction of thermal insulation projects, mainly including: high-temperature adhesives, glass fiber reinforced plastic sheets, aluminum foil glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials, etc. High temperature adhesives are used in various thermal insulation projects with internal bonding and external protection.

High temperature adhesive has the advantages of heat resistance and heat aging, especially at high temperature, it can maintain good mechanical properties and waterproof and moisture-proof properties. It has good chemical resistance and atmospheric aging resistance, mildew resistance, fatigue resistance, and will not change its performance and embrittlement in the alternating hot and cold environment.

Main properties of high temperature adhesive: good high temperature bonding performance, used for bonding aluminum silicate products or other thermal insulation materials. It has excellent bonding properties at high temperature and can be directly used in refractory bricks to build various furnace walls. Its bonding tensile strength is greater than 20KG/CM2, and its compressive strength is greater than 500KG/CM2. It has excellent gas sealing and thermal shock properties.

Advantages of high temperature adhesives:

(1) On-site construction is convenient: construction is not affected by seasonal climate and temperature, and is fast and convenient;

(2) Long service life: using this product, its service life is 7-10 times that of the communication refractories currently used in China;

(3) Good high temperature performance: When using this product to repair various industrial kilns, it can be directly sprayed and repaired and put into operation without stopping the furnace to cool down. Greatly shorten furnace lining repair time, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, and have obvious energy-saving effects;

(4) High mechanical strength: Under the action of high temperature of 1000 degrees, the bonding strength of the product and the refractory material is high, and it is resistant to peeling, impact, wear, and durability.

Which industries can high temperature adhesives be used for:

1. High temperature resistant adhesive can be used on supersonic aircraft structural parts with Mach number above 120 degrees.

2. It can be used to manufacture large engine sets and nuclear power plants with an ambient temperature of 180-200 degrees.

3. This adhesive is required for the bonding of automobile clutch friction plates and brake bands.

4. Spacecraft parts, armored vehicle seals, and tanks all require high temperature-resistant adhesives. However, due to the high requirements for adhesives in these fields, only high-quality, high-quality adhesives can meet this requirement.

Precautions for using high temperature adhesives: High temperature adhesives can only be used at high temperatures after curing and drying. If a high temperature adhesive is used in a high temperature environment, it is not fully cured and is easily debonded and melted. During construction, care should be taken to ensure that the construction surface is clean and free of dust and water vapor. In this way, the required bonding surface can achieve the effect of complete spreading and complete bonding.