When we talk about the ceramic fiber module, some people may be familiar with it, and some people may feel strange when they see it. Today, we take this opportunity to introduce some basic information related to it to you. You will be familiar when you see it. Next, I will give you a brief introduction on this issue. If you want to know, please read it together.
The application scope of ceramic fiber module is very wide, but we can’t tell what it is from its name. However, you should know that ceramic fiber module is a new type of refractory furnace lining product launched to simplify and speed up furnace construction and improve the integrity of furnace lining. The ceramic fiber module has many advantages when it is used. According to our understanding, it is found that the product is white in color and regular in size. The ceramic fiber module can be directly fixed to the steel plate anchor nails of the industrial furnace shell. It is precisely for these reasons that it is used in more and more occasions. Moreover, it has good fire-resistant and thermal insulation effect, which can improve the integrity of fire-resistant and thermal insulation of the kiln and promote the progress of kiln masonry technology. Classification temperature: 1050-1400 ℃. Our company is a professional manufacturer. If you have any demand in this respect, you can come here to consult some related issues. Moreover, our price is very reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. I believe you will not be disappointed after seeing this.


After knowing some basic information about ceramic fiber modules, let’s take a look at other knowledge points. In fact, the characteristics of this ceramic fiber module product are very clear. For example, the ceramic fiber module has excellent chemical stability when we use it; Excellent thermal stability and good elasticity. The ceramic fiber module is in the preloaded state. After the furnace lining is built, the expansion of the ceramic fiber module makes the furnace lining seamless, and then the shrinkage of the fiber furnace lining can be compensated. At this time, the thermal insulation performance of the fiber furnace lining can be improved to make its overall performance good; In addition, it has good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance; The ceramic fiber module is also installed quickly, and the anchor is set on the cold surface of the wall lining, which can reduce the material requirements of the anchor.