With the development of the economy and the improvement of the level of science and technology, thermal insulation materials are widely used by people. As one of the new thermal insulation materials, thermal shields have a wide range of applications. Below we will introduce the common nano-boards on the market and our thermal insulation materials. The application of the shield in the high temperature industry and the specific differences!
Nano-scale thermal insulation materials are a very good choice for equipment that requires thermal insulation, but also requires small size and light weight. For example, iron and steel metallurgical equipment (ladle, tundish, torpedo tank); ceramic furnace (roller kiln, tunnel kiln); glass furnace (melting furnace, tempering furnace, launder); aluminum industry (melting furnace, holding furnace, pouring furnace chemical equipment (cracking furnace, high temperature pipeline); electrical products (black box, thermometer, regenerative electric heater); fire doors (elevator door, fire partition) and other industries. It can be achieved by using nano-insulation materials without changing the steel structure, increasing the utilization space, reducing the thickness of the insulation, and ensuring the insulation effect. As far as the ladle is concerned, there are several advantages:
1. Under the condition of the same thickness of thermal insulation material, the temperature of the outer wall of the ladle using nano-aerogel felt/plate is 100-130℃ lower than that of the ladle using the traditional thermal insulation board, which effectively reduces the temperature of the ladle shell. Thermal deformation.
2. Under the condition of the same temperature of the outer wall of the ladle, the 10mm-thick nano-insulation board and aerogel felt can replace the 50mm-thick traditional insulation board to realize the expansion increment of the ladle.
3. Using nano-insulation material nano-insulation board and aerogel felt, the cooling of molten steel in the ladle is obviously slow, which is conducive to the stability of molten steel temperature, which is energy-saving for enterprises and reduces the cost of enterprises.
4. The nano-scale thermal insulation material has good chemical stability, and it will not decompose, deteriorate or pulverize after repeated use.


Compared with the common nano thermal insulation materials on the market, our thermal shield has many differences, let’s break it down one by one:
1. The biggest difference is that it contains aerogel materials. Due to the obvious process gap and high raw material prices, most nano-insulation materials on the market do not contain aerogel components.
2. Since the main component is aerogel, the process is different from the nano-board on the market, which also causes customers to feel that the aerogel board is easy to break when cutting, and it is easy to generate powder. The nano-boards on the market are harder and less likely to produce powder, but the thermal insulation performance and energy-saving effect are greatly reduced.
Advantages of our thermal shields:
1. Excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity at 600℃ is 0.030w/m.k
2. High temperature resistance, long-term use temperature can reach 850 ℃
3. Long service life:
4. Economical energy saving: 10-30% energy saving than conventional materials.
5. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: no toxic substances are released in fire and high temperature, no asbestos (full range), polybrominated biphenyls (flame retardants).
6. Good chemical stability
7. Sound insulation and shock absorption
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