The thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber products is its own physical property, indicating its heat transfer ability. The smaller the thermal conductivity, the more difficult the heat transfer, which means the better the heat preservation and energy saving effect. The thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber products mainly depends on its use temperature, porosity and pore structure, bulk density, shot content, fiber diameter, fiber humidity, use atmosphere and fiber direction.

Ceramic fiber products are blown or spun by resistance method after melting natural kaolin in an electric arc furnace. The continuous use temperature can reach 1000. The short-term use temperature can reach 1260. At the end of the 1980s, China successively invested in the construction of specialized production enterprises of ceramic fiber products, mass-produced ceramic fiber cloth, paper, belt, buckle rope, casing, Ceramic fiber products such as square packaging.

Ceramic fiber product material is a fibrous light-weight fire-resistant heat-insulating energy-saving material that integrates the superior properties of traditional heat-insulating materials and refractory materials. It has the characteristics of non-combustibility, heat resistance, good thermal stability, light weight, remarkable energy saving effect, non-toxic, harmless and odorless. Mainly used in industrial furnaces, heat treatment equipment and other thermal equipment in the thermal processing industry and heat treatment industry. It is widely used in cutting-edge science and technology fields such as machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, shipbuilding, electronics, national defense and military, aerospace, atomic energy, etc.

Because ceramic fiber products have the characteristics of compression rebound, heat resistance and non-combustion, ceramic fibers are used in the flange gasket of smoke-proof air duct. Among ceramic fiber products, ceramic fiber rope and ceramic fiber paper can be used as sealing materials.

Ceramic fiber rope: It is made of circular ceramic fiber wire, which is an ideal substitute for asbestos rope as a thermal insulation material. Commonly used for winding high temperature cables and pipes.

Ceramic fiber product paper: Ceramic fiber paper is made of ceramic fiber blown cotton after elutriation, and then adding a binder in a vacuum. It has high strength, good flexibility and strong tailoring, and is an ideal material for the production of high temperature gaskets, sealing, heat insulation and heat preservation.


90% of the material of ceramic fiber products is pores, which is the main reason for its thermal insulation. At 0, the thermal conductivity of water is 0.52 w/m.k. If the water in the fiber freezes into ice, the thermal conductivity of ice is 2.32 w/m.k. Under the same conditions, the thermal conductivity of water is nearly 20 times higher than that of air. Ice Its thermal conductivity is 94 times higher than that of air. Therefore, for thermal insulation engineering, the humidity in the environment of ceramic fiber products is strictly controlled to ensure the thermal insulation performance of ceramic fibers.