The theme of “harmonious society” and the concept of “sustainable development” have penetrated into every field. Energy is an important foundation for human survival, economic development and social progress. While China’s economy is developing rapidly and steadily, energy issues have attracted much attention. my country is the world’s second largest energy consumer, accounting for about 10% of the world’s consumption. However, my country’s energy utilization rate is much lower than that of economically developed countries, only 34%. The energy utilization rate of Japan, the United States and Germany is 57%. , 50%, 40%, which of course has a lot to do with a country’s economic and industrial structure. According to statistics, the energy consumption of my country’s industrial sector accounts for 70% of the country’s total energy consumption, of which the energy consumed by various industrial furnaces accounts for about 1/3. However, compared with industrial furnaces in developed countries, the average thermal efficiency of kilns in my country is about 20% lower than that in foreign countries. If industrial furnaces in the country can save an average of 10% energy, the energy saved is equivalent to 100 million tons of standard coal. It can be seen that the energy-saving potential of industrial kilns is very huge. For a country such as my country, which is relatively scarce in resources, the progress of energy-saving technology of industrial furnaces can alleviate the energy shortage in our country, reduce the emission of pollutants, and maintain the high speed of the national economy. Stable and coordinated development is of great significance. The level of energy consumption is directly reflected in the cost and value of the product, which directly affects the competitiveness of the product and the competitiveness of the enterprise. In the “Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development” adopted by the Fifth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, it is proposed that the energy consumption per unit of GDP at the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year” period should be reduced by about 20%. The goal is to require manufacturers to continuously strengthen the investment in energy-saving technologies and the development of new energy-saving products. It can be seen that vigorously developing the comprehensive utilization of energy-saving technologies and resources is an important strategic goal of the country’s sustainable development, and it is an inevitable choice for enterprises to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness.


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