(1) Application of ceramic fiber board on the shell of aluminum melting furnace

The aluminum melting furnace is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving furnace developed according to the aluminum smelting process. It can well meet the requirements of high alloy composition, discontinuous production and large single furnace capacity in the aluminum smelting process. It is suitable for intermittent operation. , Smelting with a lot of returned material.

Aluminum melting furnaces are widely used in the casting, processing and forging industries of aluminum products.

The furnace temperature of the aluminum melting furnace is generally 950-1100 °C. According to the melting temperature of different types of aluminum, the temperature of molten aluminum is 730℃~860℃.

A half-ton gas-fired aluminum melting furnace takes about 2 to 3 hours to melt and consumes 50 to 60 cubic meters of gas.

Ceramic fiber board is mainly used in the furnace shell of aluminum melting furnace, which plays the role of heat insulation, energy saving and consumption reduction, and generally does not directly contact aluminum water. The refractory material of the working layer of the aluminum melting furnace is generally made of non-stick aluminum castable.

(2) Brief introduction of ceramic fiber board

Ceramic fiber board is made by continuous production and advanced production line.

Ceramic fiber board has the performance characteristics of smooth surface, accurate size, good toughness, arbitrary cutting, and excellent thermal insulation effect.

Refractory fiberboard can be widely used in the backing of industrial kilns and the hot surface of low-temperature kilns according to the temperature.

(3) The use effect of ceramic fiber board in the furnace shell of aluminum melting furnace

Ceramic fiber board is used as heat preservation material for aluminum melting furnace shell, which can reduce fuel consumption, improve product quality, and production efficiency, prolong container life, improve working environment, etc., bringing multiple economic benefits to enterprises.

1. The aluminum melting time is significantly shortened, and the temperature in the aluminum melting furnace is significantly increased, which greatly saves energy consumption and production costs.

2. The temperature of the aluminum melting furnace shell is significantly reduced

3. The temperature drop of aluminum water is small, and the temperature of aluminum liquid is more stable.


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