1. Plug

Aluminum smelting furnaces or holding furnaces in the aluminum casting industry are equipped with aluminum outlet nozzles, which are blocked with ceramic fiber plugs.

The plug head is vacuum formed with ceramic fiber special-shaped parts. Precise craftsmanship and advanced equipment make the surface of each plug flat, more importantly, proper hardness and elasticity, and proper mechanical or manual plugging operations.

To cast aluminum from smelting or holding furnaces, some equipment uses tapered hole blocks that are sealed with plugs. Aladdin vacuum formed plugs are made of high-quality ceramic fiber shaped parts. During use, the plug must be replaced with a new one every time it is used.

2. Aluminum water dispenser

The ceramic fiber aluminum water transfer bag is used to transfer the aluminum water in the aluminum melting furnace to the holding furnace. The product has the characteristics of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, non-stick aluminum, etc., and can replace the traditional cast iron aluminum water bag.


Usually cast iron ladles are very susceptible to erosion and damage, while ceramic fiber conveying ladles are not. The temperature drop of the ceramic fiber conveying bag is generally below 5 °C. Before leaving the factory, the ceramic fiber aluminum water transfer bag is coated with a special refractory coating to be suitable for various aluminum alloys.

3. Casting Spoon

The ceramic fiber pouring spoon has the characteristics of light weight, good heat preservation performance, and the pouring temperature difference can be controlled within 5 ℃; it is mainly used for aluminum industry casting manipulators to replace heavy metal casting spoons. The fiber casting spoon can be used directly without preheating, saves gas and is easy to operate.