Is the higher the density of ceramic fiber modules the better? In the process of producing industrial furnaces, many customers always think that the higher the density, the tighter the insulation layer, and the better the insulation effect.
If the density of ceramic fiber is too high, the increase of fiber contact point will form a “bridge”, and the increase of heat transfer will affect the change of thermal conductivity. The damping effect of pores on heat transfer is weakened, which will lead to the thermal conductivity no longer decrease. On the contrary, it has an increasing trend. If the density is too high, it may also cause the fiber on the surface of ceramic fiber module to break, be taken away by the furnace air, and the furnace lining will gradually become thinner, leading to the attenuation of thermal insulation performance.

Therefore, the higher the density of ceramic fiber modules, the better the insulation effect. The conventional density of ceramic fiber modules is 220kg/m?, The standard installation can well protect the safe operation of the kiln and ensure the production safety. Do you understand that?


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