The baking temperature of the carbon baking furnace can reach 1250 degrees Celsius, and the baking cycle generally requires 320-420h. The heat preservation function of the furnace cover is particularly important. There are many hidden problems in the use of furnace covers built with original structure refractory bricks:
1. During the production process of carbon baking furnace, the cover is frequently opened and closed, and the clay brick is not resistant to rapid cooling and heat. The severe cracking causes the flame to penetrate and burn out the steel structure, resulting in short service life and large heat loss.
2. The total lifting weight of the furnace cover constructed of refractory bricks exceeds 20t, and a 30t crown block is required to complete the lifting work of the furnace cover.
In order to reduce fuel consumption, extend the service life of furnace covers, and reduce heat loss, lightweight ceramic fiber module furnace covers are widely welcomed.
The lightweight ceramic fiber module furnace cover adopts a steel plate shell, with a lining of 30 thick zirconium containing mat+180 mm thick ceramic fiber module, and is fixed with 310 heat-resistant steel.
Compared with the original furnace lid, the improved furnace lid is light in weight, only 1/6 of the original furnace lid weight; The new furnace cover has a low thermal conductivity and a fast heating and cooling speed during hoisting, significantly improving the thermal sensitivity of the furnace; Good thermal shock resistance, resistance to rapid cooling and heat without cracking; Moreover, the construction is simple, the integrity is high, and the sealing performance is good. After testing, the use of the new ceramic fiber module furnace cover significantly reduces the heat loss of the furnace body.

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