Due to the brittleness of ceramic fiber shaped parts, in order to avoid damage during transportation, special attention should be paid to the following items during packaging and transportation:
1. Specially shaped parts should be packaged with appropriate packaging materials to protect their surface from damage. Packaging materials such as foamed plastics, wooden boxes or cartons can be used.
2. During transportation, shockproof measures need to be taken to prevent irregular parts from cracking due to vibration or collision. Cushioning materials can be used to fill the packaging box, such as foam plastic, bubble film, etc.


3. Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts are very sensitive to humid environments, so it is necessary to avoid soaking the shaped parts in rainwater or other liquids during transportation. Waterproof packaging materials can be used or waterproof films can be affixed to the packaging box.
4. During handling and transportation, it is necessary to handle with care to avoid excessive force or impact on irregular parts, in order to avoid damage or deformation.
During transportation, it is necessary to comply with relevant transportation regulations and laws and regulations to ensure transportation safety and compliance.
6. Clearly mark the name, specifications, weight, and other information of the abnormal parts on the packaging box for easy identification and handling.
It is best to choose experienced and professional carriers for transportation. They will have a better understanding of the special performance and transportation requirements of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts, and can provide safer and more reliable transportation services.
8. Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber shaped parts are also sensitive to temperature changes and need to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.